Marine Machinaries include :

Oil separators & spares : Alfa Laval, D Laval, Mitsubishi, Westfalia, WSK Krakow. Models include MAB, MAPX, WHPX series of Alfa Laval, SJ 2000, SJ 3000, SJ 4000 & SJ 6000 of Mitsubishi and OSA & OTA series of Westafalia.

Air compressor : We deal in Main air compressors Hamworthy, Hatlapa, Mitsubishi, Sperre, Tanabae, Yanmar., Refrigeration compressors Carrier, Sabroe, Breathing air compressors Bauer

Pumps : Ballast pump. Fire Pump. H.O. Transfer Pump. Screw pump, Boiler water pump. Seawater pump, Lube oil pump, ejector pump.

Freshwater generator & seage treatment plant : Alfa Laval, Atlas Sasakura,

Oil water separators and bilge alarm monitors : BVZ, RWO, Jowa, Poseidon with capcities of 0.5 to 10 tons. 15 PPM Bilge alarm monitors include OPM 1, OCD 1, OCD 1M,OCD CM, OMD 11, OMD 21 & OMD 2005 & FOCAS 1500 a & FOCAS 1500 C.

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